Ride For Lions is about the


It is an exceptional event, for exceptional people, in an exceptional environment, for an exceptional cause.

Lions need land. They need our help in giving of ourselves. 

“When Beverly and I were born there were 450,000 lions and today there are maybe 20,000. That is desperate and not acceptable. But we have solutions.” says Dereck Joubert CEO of Great Plains Conservation. 

Many of our guests want to help but also want to have a bucket load of fun at the same time. For us this is the ideal combination. Life should be fun.

Through the Great Plains Foundation’s mountain bike Ride for Lions cycle safari, conservation-minded individuals and companies help fund and expand the amount of conserved land where lions can roam freely.  Cyclists not only demonstrate their commitment to conservation, but also intimately experience the land being conserved throughout the course of their ride.

Our first Ride For Lions ride was a multiday exploration of Kenya’s priceless Amboseli-Tsavo region: showcasing Nature’s grand-scale artistry and wildlife spectacles. Riders witnessed, experienced and conserved this magnificence. The first rides ended in Kenya’s Chylulu Hills at our ol Donyo Lodge with the the starting point the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

“A life changing experience” said one rider. “Sign me up for the next location!” said another.

In keeping with the singular intimacy of this experience, where riders gain a greater appreciation for the land undistracted by large groups, our next Ride For Lions will be in a new area of Africa – one where you can the continuance of lion conservation. This may even be down the Zambezi in Zimbabwe as we identify the specific lion projects we want to support there.

Leave your details here to be informed as when the next Ride for Lions will take place.