The Great Plains Foundation Ride For Lions is no ordinary ride. It is, quite simply, one of the most exceptional cycling experiences you will ever have. It is very seldom that one gets to do something for yourself that has a positive impact on the planet at the same time. It is where you convert your sweat and effort into saving lions, expanding corridors and helping people along the way.

In keeping with the singular intimacy of this experience, departures are limited to a maximum of 10 riders.

It is a 4 day cross country cycle expedition, exploring Kenya’s priceless Amboseli-Tsavo region… a showcase of Nature’s grand-scale artistry and wildlife spectacles. It is this magnificence that you will witness, experience and conserve. This is not a race where you look at your front wheel for 4 days, and really experience what you missed in the Go Pro footage later. We want you to look up, laugh, feel the camaraderie, and take in the shadows of Kilimanjaro.

You will follow bush tracks, elephant trails and footpaths. From the vast swathes of savannahs with green smudges of game-rich wetlands, you will gradually ascend into the lava world of the Chyulu Hills.

Ride For Lions is imbued with the Great Plains Conservation’s defining ethos: exquisite attention to detail, luxurious finishes, beautifully appointed locations, outstanding guiding, non-negotiable safety measures, fine dining and inimitable style. You can look forward to a perfect synergy of exceptional touring and exceptional care.

There are echoes of the Hero’s Journey in this spectacular event. Like the archetypal Hero, you will have embraced a great adventure, shared experiences, endured challenges, triumphed, emerged with new insights, and, most importantly, you will have made a heroic difference for lions.


BUSH CAMP 1 | Amboseli wetlands to Bush Camp 1, Approximately 60kms, 400m ascent | View Stage 1
BUSH CAMP 2 | Bush Camp 1 to Bush Camp 2, Approximately 60kms, 750m ascent | View Stage 2
BUSH CAMP 3 | Bush Camp 2 to Bush Camp 3, Approximately 48km, 863m ascent | View Stage 3
OL DONYO LODGE | Bush Camp 4 to ol Donyo Lodge, Approximately 53 kms, 311m ascent | View Stage 4
WILDLIFE CORRIDOR… The reason for this ride: to grow this corridor from 160m to 10km2
Ride For Lions | Stages
10th November 2017

Stage 1

Day Two | Stage One Nado Soit Camp to Bush Camp 1 | Approximately 60kms, 400m ascent It is May, water is beginning to dry…
Ride For Lions | Stages
10th November 2017

Stage 2

Day Three | Stage Two Bush Camp 1 to Bush Camp 2 | Approximately 56kms, 200m ascent A swift downhill – while being on the…
Ride For Lions | Stages
10th November 2017

Stage 3

Day Four | Stage Three Bush Camp 2 to Bush Camp 3 | Approximately 42km, 1380m ascent Thick trees begin to crowd you as you…
Ride For Lions | Stages
10th November 2017

Stage 4

Day Five | Stage Four Bush Camp 4 to ol Donyo Lodge | Approximately 46 kms, 360m ascent Finally, you get to ride the great…

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