Day Two | Stage One

Nado Soit Camp to Bush Camp 1 | Approximately 60kms, 400m ascent

It is May, water is beginning to dry up as autumn settles in. Millions of years of embedded instincts drive the animals from the foothills of Kilimanjaro to seek water in the wetlands of Amboseli National Park. A green space that teems with everything from elephants, to pelicans, to packs of hyenas. And this is your playground. We enter the western side of the reserve and ride alongside some the greatest variety of wildlife on the planet.

Once we’ve had our fill, we leave the rich, densely populated marshes behind us and ride into the shadow of the great Mount Kilimanjaro. You can expect your first glimpse of the proud Maasai in traditional dress. These brightly dressed and friendly traditional people have become our partners in saving lions, stories that you will hear from them and us around the campfire at night.

This is where Dereck and Beverley Joubert have faced up to famous families of long tusked female elephants and have seen herds of migratory animals moving against the backdrop of the grand old lady with her white bonnet.

In the distance is a lone peak, dwarfed by Kilimanjaro, but still a landmark. As you wind your way along still flat tracks, you’ll reach a small village where the children will no doubt cheer you on as you pick your way through the dense thorn trees to begin a rocky and technical climb towards the fast approaching peak. This is once again elephant country. The bush is thicker, the grass more dense and the rider needs to be ever alert. The climb is about 10 kilometres long and tough in places.

The Bush Camp is a small green haven at the top of this climb. A chance to stretch the legs and enjoy the legendary Great Plains hospitality.

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