Day Four | Stage Three

Bush Camp 2 to Bush Camp 3 | Approximately 42km, 1380m ascent

Thick trees begin to crowd you as you make your way to the base of the imposing Chyulus Hills.

These hills are both mysterious and famous for the big tuskers of East Africa; Unbelievable and One Ton. Both are animals that Dereck has filmed and has wondered at, as their tusks scrape the ground. As the road twists and turns, be careful not to run into giraffe or elephant. From the valley below to where the track plateaus is about 12 kilometers. The vistas are worth the pain.

The Chyulus are often blanketed by cloud, giving rise to ‘mist forests.’ These patches of indigenous forest spread over the track and mist and damp can change the temperature in an instant. It’s an eerie landscape of ancient olive wood trees dripping with moss and vines. A detour to the Mist Forest will show you a completely different eco system to any you’ve seen so far in Kenya.

Staying high, the trail traverses the Chyulu Hills until you reach a spectacular lookout point, with views of the Tsavo National Park stretching away to the east. And here lunch is served – high up in the hills.

After your unhurried trailside meal, all that’s left is the descent into Crater Camp – less expert riders will have to take care as the rutted track drops away level by level on it’s way down toward the plains.

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