Day Five | Stage Four

Bush Camp 4 to ol Donyo Lodge | Approximately 46 kms, 360m ascent

Finally, you get to ride the great plains of Kenya with the thick grass undulating in the breeze and herds of animals roaming as they have always done. You’ll ride towards the Kopjes, past the giraffe that as Karen Blixen wrote, ‘float like delicately painted ladies draped in mists and fineries.’ Dereck has done some of his best giraffe filming here, against Kili and with the Kopjes in the foreground. In a grassy plain still tinged with summer green, the Kopjes stand out like a rocky beacon, a cluster of boulders that leaves one curious as to how they got there.

With the Chyulu mountain range now at your back, this gentle descent along the edge of the lava flow gradually spills out onto the plains where you might even catch a glimpse of Maasai warriors in their traditional dress.

The return is a little tougher as you wind your way across the plains towards the twin peaks of El Mau. From this landmark, the trail heads home, the luxurious elegance of Ol Donyo Lodge is calling.

Approaching the lodge, the bush is thick and sightings of elephant, kudu, warthog, gemsbok are common. Champagne, snacks and a warm welcome await you followed by a long soaking bath or swim in your infinity pool.

You have arrived in the heart of
Great Plains Conservation.

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